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Salmon or sea trout - can you see the difference?

Foto: Johan Abelsson

The fish on the picture above was caught by Johan Abelsson and his russian customers friday 17th of february. It can be difficult to see if it is a salmon, a sea trout or a hybrid by first glance.

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Here you can see the whole length of the fish.

 Foto: Johan Abelsson

According to Abelsson it's clearly a sea trout. - If you are out fishing a lot you will recognize it already in the water. The sea trout also behaves differently when on the hook. It rolls around in the surface and it does not take as much line during the fight. It also has a different colour than the salmon in the water. More like brown and gold, he writes on his Facebook page.

CLASSICAL SIGNS: Salmon on top and sea trout. 
 Drawing: Sportsfiskarna

These are the differences between salmon and sea trout:

  • The salmon is slimmer and has more length. Often it does not have as many spots below the side line as the seatrout and it has only a few spots on the operculum. 
  • The salmon is slimmer in the transition to the tailfin and the tailfin itself is wide and V-shaped.
  • The sea trout often has spots below the side line and on the operculum. It has a more comact body shape and a wider transition to the tailfin. 
  • The tailfin of the sea trout is often straight in the back. 
  • The shape of the heads are also different. The corner of the mouth on the sea trout tends to be further behind than on the salmon and it is often behind the eye. Source: Sportsfiskarna

It is not always the signs are as distinctive as described abowe. Johan Abelssons sea trout on the top almost doesn't have any spots. Sometimes you can also catch hybrids which are offspring from both salmon and sea trout.

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