torsdag 2. april 2020

Terrible accident during trolling fishing


Trolling Fishing is wonderful - but there are also risks. The weather can change fast out on the open sea, and you are dealing with sharp objects such as knives - and hooks.

This story serves as a warning to all fishermen. Wednesday 25th of March charter captain Edvis Izokaitis was outside Klapeida in The Baltic Sea fishing for salmon. He also had some friends fishing in another boat in the same area.

The fishing was great and the boats scored catch after catch using mainly bait fish mixed with spoons. Edvis tells me that the guys in the other boat was wrestling a salmon close to their boat when the accident happened. The guy with the rod was trying to get the salmon closer to the net when the fish suddenly took an extra run and the hooks came out. Unfortunately the hooks hit the guy ready to net the fish right in the face.

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They managed to pull the hooks through the skin and cut them of using a plier. Then it was easy to remove the hooks from his face. Fortunately the hooks did not hit his eyes.

- What did your friend say about the accident? 

- It was painful when they pulled the hooks out of course. It's a good lesson for him and for others, and he is happy because his eyes are unharmed, Edvis says.

It is safe to say it is sensible to use glasses when trolling fishing.

Edvis Izokaitis with a nice salmon
from The Baltic Sea.


Edvis Izokaitis who manages tells me the fishing outside Lithuainia has been crazy this winter.

- We have had many days with more than 20 strikes from salmons. My personal record is 40 strikes in one day. One time we had 10 of 12 rods running with fish, Edvis tells me from his boat hunting more salmons.

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Underneath you can see big salmons caught outside Simrishamn in Sweden winter 2019: