onsdag 15. februar 2017

Fantastic salmon fishing in the Baltic Sea

SALMON FEVER: Alexej and Andrej from Russia.
Foto: Johan Abelsson

Fishing guide Johan Abelsson has been fishing his second day with his russian customers today. And what a day!

Around two o'clock he sent this message out on Facebook: - Nothing on many hours, all of a sudden a trippel. 13, 14 and 15 kg. On top of that as soon as I put out the fourth rod a fish of 11 kg. Three marked and two wild.

Johan also writes he is fishing with both bait fish and spoons. They caugth one salmon on bait in a Jackpot head in the suface in a special colour. Two fish were caught on Oki flasher in gold and some new large super fish. One salmon took an Ismo Magnum in the surface.

Abelsson and his customers are fishing from Simrishamn in Sweden.

The well known trolling fisher Martin Sethman also reports a good fish on his Facebook-page.

This is incredible good fishing. The Baltic Sea is among the worlds best places to fish big salmon. Team Propell is getting more and more exited about our participation in Trolling Master Bornholm in april.

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