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Huge salmon caught in The Baltic Sea

From left, Hannu Pitko, Jukka

 Lyyra and Lauri Behm.
 Foto: Team Bandit

Now is the time to catch really large salmons in The Baltic Sea. Lots of salmons are swimming north to spawn in the rivers. If you are a skilled fisherman, and at the right place at the right time big things can happen.

A group of finnish trolling fishermen called Team Bandit managed to find the right spot at the right time friday. They were fishing at 70 meter depth outside of Eckerö in Åland when a reel started screaming at the time 22.37 PM. The captain of the boat, Jukka Lyyra grabbed the rod and started fighting the big fish.

- It really took of fast on the first run. It took 100 meters of line very quickly, but it came to the boat easier than usually for such a big fish, the catchman Jukka Lyyra says.

- The salmon took the spoon Tiura Magnum in colour 481/C that was fished after a sideplaner at about 2 meters deep, Lauri Behm, one of the crew members tells me.

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Lauri Behm tells me the fight was over in about 25 minutes and the magnificent fish was 122 cm long and it was weighted to 24 kg back in the harbour late in the evening. The team also managed to land one more salmon of 11 kg.

- What did Jukka say when the fish was secured in the net?

- He said «hell yeah» and the whole team screamed for 5 minutes, celebrating and giving high fives, Lauri tells me.

The team weighted the salmon to 24 kg.

 Foto: Team Bandit

- How did you celebrate afterwards?

- We had some cognac, Lauri Behm writes to me with a big smily face.

- What was Team Bandits biggest salmon before this giant?

- We caught one of 14,7 kg last year and we have many over 10 kg, Behm says.

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He also tells med that the team from Savonlinna, are fishing from a Buster Magnum. They are staying in Eckerö for one week. The team is quite experienced and has been trolling fishing for 10 years. They tell me they have caught some hundred salmons over the years. In the summer they fish a lot of pike.

Congratulations with a fish of a lifetime from Team Propell.

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