mandag 4. mars 2019

Baltic Sea: Watch action video of salmon fishing

Tom Høgseth with one of three personal records.
The fish was estimated to 12 kg. 

Photo: Johan Abelsson

I've been dreaming of catching a salmon over 10 kg since I started trolling fishing in 2000. I have not been fishing a lot in the Baltic Sea over the years, but finally I succeded. My fishing buddy Atle Knapp and I fished for three days with the guide Johan Abelsson in the end of February, and we had great fishing.

We landed 21 salmons in 3 days. Most of the salmons was catch and release. I was very lucky and had the pleasure of setting 3 personal records with 3 salmons over 10 kg in the same day. The salmons were estimated to 11, 11,5 and 12 kg by the fishing guide.

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Take a look at the short action video above. You can see a double strike developing to 5 salmons striking. I hope you will appreciate it.

Atle Knapp with salmon of 7 kg. 

Photo: Johan Abelsson

We fished mainly with lures, but also tried some bait fish. We had most of the strikes on Oki flasher with plastic bait behind (Knosa stive) on the downriggers, and some lures from Hybriden, Northern King Magnum and Nasty Boy.

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