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AluForce aim to make the perfect trolling fishing boat

This is the original version without toilet rooom

All photos: AluForce

This is what the german company AluForce wants to achive. They are now establishing sales companies in the nordic countries to sell their aluminium boats. In the development of the new model, AluForce 740 Pilothouse Trolling-Edition, family use will also be a part of the planning.

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The Trolling-Edition will be built from the AluForce 740, and right now it's being welded and customized on the first boat in St. Petersburg i Russland.

DEVELOPMENT: Welders working on 
the first AluForce 740 Trolling-Edition.

Joerg Rieckhoff, the leader of Aluforce has asked the trolling fishermen Peter Andersson from Sweden, Matthias Schmidt in «Team Just Smile» from Germany and me, Tom Høgseth from Norway, to give feedback and advice on the new trolling boat.

Peter Andersson also is the owner of the company Bromölla Marin och Fiskecenter and plans to be the first swedish dealer of AluForce boats. In Finland there is one dealer already.

WIDE: There is plenty of room on board of the boat 
to mount for instance Cannons mounting tracks for 
down riggers and rod holders. This picture 
is taken before the top tube is welded. 

There will be 90 cm from the deck 
up to the top tube on the side. 

The main difference between the Trolling-Edition and the regular AluForce 740 is the higher reeling around the transom of the boat. There will be 90 cm up to the top of the sides. The board of the boat is wide and it will be easy to mount for instance Cannons mounting tracks for down riggers and rod holders. It will then also be very easy to take away the equipment to make it more suitable for family use.

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AluForce is also looking at a solution to make a door in the stern out to the swimming platform (offshore bracket), and a fence around so that it will be possible to land fish safely all the way in the back. Another idea is to make the swimming ladder a part of that fence.

TRANSOM: Good room for storage. 

BENCHES: This is where the batteries are 
stored and there is a lot of storage room. 
AluForce is considering making the bench 
more narrow to make room for at door out 
to the off shore bracket.

One option that is already available on the AluForce 740 is folding benches in the transom. That gives a wide open space for fishing, but it also makes the boat suitable for family use. Joerg Rieckhoff tells me he is very open to solutions to make the boat even better for trolling fishing.

- How many AluForce 740s have you sold up til now?

- Totally 7, but only 2 with toilet room because that is the newest model. We are currently building 4-6 boats per month, but we can increase this, Rieckhoff says.

He says that mass producing boats is not a goal for Aluforce, and that each customer can make their own solutions on each boat.

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HAND CRAFT: The welding looks good. 

You can get the AluForce 740 both with and without toilet room. The pilot house is a bit longer on the boats with toilet room (see drawing further down).

I must say that I like this boat very much. It forfills the needs I have in a boat. Looks good for trolling fishing, and is also very suitable for family and holiday use. You can get a pentry, refrigerator and a table inside with room for 2-4 persons. The prices are lower than on some competitors that makes aluminium boats.

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There is sleeping room for two adults in the front, and the table and the benches inside can be made to a bed for one adult or two children, AluForce says. Outside there is room for 6 persons around the table.

It is possible to choose
different colours. 

Planning to take your gilfriend or wife on board? Then you need a toiletroom, of course. You can choose to install a full version with tank, or you can go for the cheaper, but good new chemical toilets.

The boat is narrow enough to be transported by trailer, and it looks solid. I must point out that I have only seen pictures and that I have not tried the boat yet. Peter Andersson tried the AluForce 710 this summer, and he was very satisfied. The 710 has almoust the same hull as the 740 except of the offshore bracket.

The cabin is a little bit longer on this version. 

Aluforce 740 Pilothouse

  • Lenght overall: 740 cm
  • Hull length: 700 cm
  • Width: 250 cm
  • Weight empty: 1250 kg
  • Max weight: 2188 kg
  • Height: 235 cm
  • Fuel capacity: 250 l
  • Load capacity: 750 kg
  • Persones: max 6
  • Max horsepower: 2 x 175 HK or 1 x 350 HK
  • CE certified: Yes
  • Keel angle: 21 degrees
  • Fresh water tank: 80 l (optional)
  • RRP in Germany : 51.000 euro without toilet room
  • RRP 53.800 euro with toilet room
All information from the home page of AluForce, and from Joerg Rieckhoff 

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