lørdag 18. februar 2017

Still good salmon fishing in the Baltic Sea

The weight was around 14 kg.

Foto: Johan Abelsson

New day, more salmon. Fishing guide Johan Abelsson and his customers are out hunting salmon in The Baltic Sea. They got a good start. Around 10 o'clock two reels started to scream.

Johan posted this on his Facebook page: - Good start of the day with a nice double strike. Jonnys weighed 14 kg and Jan 7 kg. Very strong salmon. Both wild and had to go back after weighing in the net.

Johan tells me they are fishing outside Simrishamn. He also tells me that the fishing was good yesterday with 3-4 salmons per boat.

The fish weighed aprox. 7 kg and was released.

 Foto: Johan Abelsson

Update: Around 2 o'clock Johan reports another double strike on his Facebook page. One fish took a Toby 30 gram and one fell for a Williams spoon in gold and silver.

Did you read this? Triple strike on big salmon

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