onsdag 8. februar 2017

Catamaran Offshore Hunter caught big blue marlin

Captain Morten Ruud and his crew from Norway continues the good fishing. Monday they had a fantastic day in Ascencion.

Morten writes on Facebook: - Another great day! 3/4 on sail and 1/1 on blues 700 lb! Again Andrew Moyes medium Pipe Bomb!!! Great lure!

The blue marlin was a new record for Andreas Aanerud Johansen. Preben Skaugen caught his first sailfish.

Using a mobile? Turn the screen horisontally and slide the pictures sideways. 

Want to see Blue marlin action, halibut striking under water or big wild salmon from lake Vänern? Take a look at our film page.

Morten Ruud is fishing from a rebuilt catamaran. Follow the five year long fishing adventure on their home page and on Facebook.

Did you read this? Super fishing for blue marlin. See pictures below:

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