mandag 6. februar 2017

Super blue marlin fishing for norwegian boat

Morten Ruud and his crew aboard the rebuilt catamaran Offshore Hunter had a super day fishing marlin yesterday in Ascension.

This message was published on their Facebook page: - After a very frustraiting period it finally happened today. We went 3 for 7. 250, 500+, 500+. We also lost three in the same size. Good average weight.

Captain Morten Ruud wrote that norwegian Andreas Aanerud Johansen finally caught his first blue marlin after taking the leader on several fish. And this day was really Andreas big day. He also caught another blues. Norwegian Preben Skaugen caught his second blue marlin sunday.

For the specially interested: The marlins were caught on the lures Barts Blue Breakfast and Andrew Moyes Pipe Bomb.

The crew also caught a nice blue marlin last friday.

Eager to see Blue marlin action, halibut striking under water or big wild salmon caught on bate fish from lake Vänern? Take a look at our film page.

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