tirsdag 25. april 2017

New gigantic salmon caught in The Baltic Sea

WHAT A FISH! The catchman André Rothe
in the middle and his team.

A german fishing team called Team Puffin was lucky today. They caught a salmon that they told me was close to 20 kilos outside Bornholm.

I talked briefly to the catchman and skipper on the boat, André Rothe when they arrived to the harbour in Tejn.

- How was the fight?

- It was fantastic. It took one hour and 15 minutes before it was in the boat, Rothe says with a big smile.

- How deep did you catch it?

- On 6 meters on a lure that is in red an copper.

Team Propell had a very slow day. We caught two very small salmon that was released. We have a plan for where to fish tomorrow when the competition Trolling Master Bornholm starts. That is always something.

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