fredag 3. februar 2017

This is how to use the new big Jackpot bait holders

Mika Kärkkäinen has just made an early release of the three first colour series of the brand new magnum Jackpot bait holder.

They shall be well designed for trolling fishing salmon, pike and halibut. The new bait holder shall according to the founder of Jackpot Fishing, Mika Kärkkäinen be especially well designed with sharp-teethed fish in mind, as it is possible to use steel wire with the bait holder.

- You rig the left side as usual for older models. On the right side you can use any leader and line, Kärkkäinen says.

MODEL: 3D computer picture for the manufacturing process. 

If you use steel wire you can just slide the pre fixed wire through the slots on the right side and lock with tooth picks. It's easy to change the moving pattern of the bait holder without doing any new knots.

- The idea is to make rigging easy with hard leader materials, Kärkkäinen says.

The holes and slots are made for up to 0.9 mm leaders. The Jackpot Fishing bait holders was before sold as the well known VK bait holders.

Mika Kärkkäinen will send Team Propell some samples to test. We are eager to test them on halibut fishing in june. The new bait holders are ready for purchase here.

See big sea trout attacking bait fish in Jackpot bait holder under: 

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