søndag 30. juli 2017

Norway: See halibut attacking under water

Recently I was in Salten in the northern part of Norway with my buddy Atle Knapp fishing for halibut. Here you can see a short film from the trip. I'll be very glad if you will take a look. It contains lots of fun, good catches, agitated fishermen, singing and great under water film of halibuts hunting.

We caught 6 halibuts all together. The biggest one was 29 kg. My buddy Atle Knapp caught the first halibuts in his life.

Read the norwegian version here. 

Salmon or sea trout: Can you see the difference?
Gigantic salmon caught in The Baltic Sea
Very big salmon in The Baltic: - Don't loose that fish!

Under you can see a film of Team Propells halibut record. Unfortunatelly it is not texted in english but you can still enjoy a big halibut attacking the bait under water twice:

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